About Free Study Maps

Free Study Maps is a Ted Grajeda project created to provide everyone with a fun and interactive way to learn about geography, maps and the world around them.

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Free Vector Maps

If you're looking for over 2,000 vector maps of the world, Free Vector Maps is another project of mine that offers the design world thousands of free and premium maps of all the countries and continents of the world and more.

Go Explore

As someone who has traveled the world, maps hold a special place in my life. From pouring over almanacs as a kid and imagining the places I read about to actually traveling to every continent (and living on a few; London, Auckland and Tucson), maps have always helped me dream where I might explore next and remember all the amazing places I have already been.

If you've ever wanted to travel, I have one bit of advice. Go! You never know where it will take you or whom you'll meet! You'll come back a better person for having done so.